Disability Inclusion IQ

To address the needs of our corporate clients, C5 developed a series of short (10 – 15 minute), self-paced, cloud “Disability inclusion IQ”, individual e -learning modules that address disability inclusion topics that are most pressing for today’s Human Resources, Compliance, Recruiter, ERG Members, Diversity and Inclusion and Hiring Managers and ideal for all employees for workforce education. Each module includes resources and a quiz to gauge knowledge acquired for each topic. It is available in “off the shelf” or in customized versions. The learning session is offered as a one-year license with automatic renewal. The modules are listed below and can be purchased as single and/or multiple modules:

  • Welcome to Disability Inclusion IQ Series
  • Disability 101
  • The Business Case for Disability Inclusion
  • Building the Talent Pipeline
  • The Legal Landscape for Disability Inclusion
  • Making Reasonable Accommodations Successful
  • Advancing a Disability Inclusive Culture through Onboarding and Mentoring
  • Hiring Managers: What You Need to Know
  • Building an Inclusive Culture
  • Resources

Other E-Learning Series are under development*.

* “Achieving Excellence in Recruitment, Retention and Advancement of our Wounded Warriors, Injured and Ill Veterans” (Coming May 2016)

*“College Recruitment Retention and Advancement” (Coming September 2015)


Staffing Industry – Building knowledge, expertise and brand to support client needs
Community Partners – Building expertise for successful placement
Community Partners – Teaching Employers how to build good partnerships to build talent pipelines

Campus Series:
Understanding Reasonable Accommodations: Why When and How
The Importance to Internships, Mentoring and Networking for Career Success
Self ID vs. Self Disclosure
Finding the Culture Match for Your Career
Millennials – Transition from College to Career
University Campus Recruiters – Recruiting and Retention of Millennials
Academic Institutions – Preparing graduates for career success