Talent Acquisition Solutions

Roadmap to creating effective partnerships for specific job needs

One of the most challenging tasks in disability inclusion is to develop results-driven pipelines for talent. There is no one source for this talent. As a result of corporate experience and many relationships developed with the supply side, C5 has developed a strategy to maximize our corporate clients’ outreach efforts for success.

Tier One: Basic Connections Solution

  • Current Vendor Assessment
  • Provide listing and introduce Client with vetted resources to hire in a specific geography
  • Disability Etiquette Basics for Managers (Tool Kit)

Tier Two Solution: Strategy Vendor Supplier Solution (includes Tier One benefits)

  • Assessment of Disability Culture
  • Guide: Marketing Job Descriptions for Attracting Talent with Disabilities
  • Template for vendor selection and ongoing review
  • Building Best Practice Champions and Success Stories for Internal/external marketing
  • Disability Etiquette Webinar Training (incudes interview tips and language)

Tier Three: Strategic Collaboration Solution with Other Employers (Includes Tier One & Two

  • Employer of Choice Branding
  • Employer Leadership Network (BLN) and Provider Leadership Network (PLN)